Glen of Imaal Terrier
Champ Show Judge Dr Rosemary Winn-Sladden

Minor Puppy   1st Romainville Billy Whizz Minor Puppy 1st Romainville Jean Genie
    2nd Romainville McGinty   2nd Romainville Uptown Girl
    3rd Amhard Ginger Breadman   3rd Romainvlle Moira
    4th     4th Ballyclare Daisy
Puppy   1st Amhard Ginger Breadman Puppy 1st Amhard Ginger Snap
    2nd     2nd Romainville Uptown Girl
    3rd     3rd  
    4th     4th  
Junior   1st No Entries Junior 1st Romainville Inki
    2nd     2nd Amhard Ginger Galore
    3rd     3rd  
    4th     4th  
Post Graduate   1st Abberann Torcan Post Graduate 1st Romainville Lily
    2nd Kirkee Ronan O'gara   2nd Romainville Tigan
    3rd Kirkee Celtic Warrior   3rd Grizzmarsh Dorathea
    4th Grizzlemarsh Digby   4th Romainville Saffie For Rogame
Limit   1st Abberann Karl Limit 1st Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm
    2nd Amhard Freebooter   2nd Grizzmarsh Dorathea
    3rd Romainville Typhoon   3rd Panantick Roisin
    4th Romainville Brannigan at Brockland   4th Romainville Saffie For Rogame
Open   1st CH Beatrix's Boy with Windarra From Donvaleset Open 1st CH Abberann Annya
    2nd CH Abberann Conan   2nd CH Donvaleset Brier
    3rd Romainville Bodhran   3rd Romainville Rags `N Tatters
    4th     4th IR CH Abberann Eilish at Kirikee
Veteran   1st CH Brockland Brayhead Lad Good Citizen 1st Ballynorton Blue Bell
    2nd     2nd  
    3rd     3rd  
    4th     4th  
DOG CC CH Beatrix's Boy with Windarra From Donvaleset-Res. Best in Show BITCH CC CH Abberann Annya
Res Dog CC CH Abberann Conan Res Bitch CC Donvalleset Brier
Best in Show: CH Abberann Annya     Best Puppy: Amhard Ginger Snap