Glen of Imaal Terrier
2014 Champ Show Judge Mr Donald Harley

Minor Puppy   1st Romainville Dilligaf Minor Puppy 1st Romainville Anna Belle
    2nd Romainville Freddies Choice   2nd Ringhaddy Teal
    3rd     3rd Romainville Maggie May
    4th     4th  
Puppy   1st Golden Spurs Puppy 1st Daultons Midnight Sky of Galore
    2nd Romainville Dilligaf   2nd Bonny Nell
    3rd     3rd Wickholm Gone in Sixty Secs
    4th     4th Ringhaddy Teal
Junior   1st   Junior 1st Amhard Indy Kate
    2nd     2nd Wickholm Gone in Sixty Secs
    3rd     3rd  
    4th     4th  
Post Graduate   1st Romainville Fast N Furious at Wickholm Post Graduate 1st Bendikes Edith May
    2nd     2nd Ellerton Dusky Beauty
    3rd     3rd  
    4th     4th  
Limit   1st Amhard High Flyer Limit 1st Amhard Ginger Snap
    2nd Kirkee Celtic Warrior   2nd Jeonty Me Me Fern
    3rd Pajantick Star Trooper   3rd Grizzmarsh Dorathea
    4th     4th  
Open   1st Abberann Phelan Open 1st Romainville Ellie
    2nd Romainville Billy Whizz   2nd Abberann Dersla
    3rd Begorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty   3rd CH Jeonty Maybe Daysee
    4th CH Kirkee Ronan O'Gara   4th Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm
Veteran   1st   Good Citizen 1st  
    2nd     2nd  
    3rd     3rd  
    4th     4th  
DOG CC Abberann Phelan BITCH CC Romainville Ellie
Res Dog CC Amhard High Flyer- Res. Best in Show Res Bitch CC Abberann Dersla
Best in Show: Abberann Phelan     Best Puppy: Daultons Midnight Sky of Galore