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Welcome to our website, which is dedicated to the Glen of Imaal Terrier. On this page we will explain some of the work we do to promote our breed.

Full Recognition for the Glen

In 2007 after a detailed presentation by the club, The U.K. Kennel Club granted The Glen of Immal Terrier, championship status after twenty five years as a Rare Breed. The Association organises an open breed show for aspiring judges in June and a championship breed show in December

The first clubs to gain full sets of C.C's for the breed were Crufts, National Terrier, Birmingham National, Scottish Kennel, Royal Welsh and The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association. Single sets went to South Wales and Darlington in recognition of their support for the Glen. Since then the numbers of C.C shows have increased..

Featuring the Glen

The Kennel Club conceived the idea of Discover Dogs to introduce all the different breeds to people who were thinking of owning a dog, to help ensure that they understood fully the needs of their chosen breed.

Since the inception of Discover Dogs at both Earls Court London and Crufts at Birmingham by The Kennel Club, The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association has represented the breed for well over a decade at both events, we were very proud to win the Best Booth award in 2006, this award is judged on booth presentation, advice and the information given to all those visiting the stand and because we need to reach the general public the Association encourages as many of its companion owners to take the stand and talk about their Glens, warts and all. Believe it or not they can talk all day about their beloved dogs.

Several game fairs have started to feature Glens along with other vulnerable breeds at their shows and a hardy band of members take on this job, to show off their dogs and talk about the working ability of the Glen and the companionship they can offer

The Health of your Glen - Breed Health Co-ordinator Donald Harley

In the late nineties, General Progressive Retinal Atrophy was discovered in the breed, members have contributed to a health fund via the 49ners and donations given at club shows. With this the association has been able to supply information and funding to gPRA research work initially done by Cornell University in America and later by Bochum University in Germany. The breed now has a DNA test for crd3 available and by following the recommended breeding policies crd3 will be eliminated from the Glen.

Cancer has been another concern in Glens and donations are being sent to The Hope Appeal at Cambridge University.

Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Breed Support (Grass Roots)

Glen Rescue and Social Support, more popularly known as GRASS ROOTS is another facet of the club. We freely offer advice and support to Glen owners with any problems with respite or short term care for Glens or their owners in difficulty and/or distress. We will re-home Glens when the owners circumstances have altered and it becomes impossible for them to care for their dog.

Judges Seminars

The education of aspiring judges in the importance of breed type, fitness and the reason for the Glens form and function and how it affects their ability to do their job. Hopefully this ensures that judges help retain the distinctive breed type of the Glen


Three times a year the only U.K breed magazine "Roaming Thro' The Glen" is compiled, published and distributed to our members. A heady mix of facts, fictions and articles. It is very useful for advice and contacts, so look out for it in March, August and December.

Website- www.goita.co.uk

Comprehensive information about the breed, contact point for Glen owners and news


A sample of some of the things the Association and its committee regularly do for the breed