Buying a Glen Puppy! Things you need to know.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association has a wealth of knowledge and experience spread over three and a half decades and it is here at your disposal if you are thinking about buying a Glen. If you are looking for a companion or a show dog contact the secretary Anne Hardy on 01777 703417 or email
Blue puppy Wheaten/Blue Puppies Wheaten puppy

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association strongly advise that all prospective owners should see an adult dog before buying a puppy. Glens are not a tall dog but are quite chunky, (Think 16 bags of sugar = an adult Glen). Really a big dog on little legs Many members are only too pleased to show off their dogs, for contact information please contact the secretary.

The Association can only recommend puppies whose parents have a sound temperament and have been DNA tested for crd3 and have followed current breeding practice. The eye status of the parents should always be on the puppies registration form.

Help for new puppy owners
Kennel Club Registration Certificate This will show the relevant information regarding your puppy View image
Pedigree This will show your puppies parentage View image
Diet Sheet This will have details of your puppies diet, advice and breeders contact with food for your puppy. View image
Parents DNA Eye Form This will show the eye status of the mother  
Microchip If your puppy has been micro-chipped, you need a form to transfer the owners details View image
Tattoo If your puppy has been tattooed in the ear, you will need a form to transfer the owners details  
Receipt Always ask for a receipt when purchasing a puppy  
Contract of Sale For the protection of  breeder and buyer , sets out the conditions of sale Download Here
Certificate of Eye Examination Opthalmascopic eye test certificate View image
Contact For information about breeders and puppies contact Anne hardy 01777 703417
Blank Pedigree You can download blank pedigree form for your use Here