Rainbow Bridge
Here we have set aside a space to remember our much loved and much missed pets who have gone before us, to wait for us at the rainbow bridge until our own time comes, when we will then be reunited forever.
There are many poems and words written of the rainbow bridge and of the dogs (and cats) who wait there faithfully to be reunited, use the links below to see some of the off site literature on the rainbow bridge.
Below that, our own memorials to our own pets who wait for us

KC Name: Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad
Owned By: Ruth and the late Joe Welsh
Pet Name: Barney
With us: 07-11-04 - 30-05-17
Ruth and the late Joe Welch’s Brockland Brayhead Lad (Barney) journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday 30th May, at the age of 12-and-a-half years. Barney will long be remembered for being consistently and successfully shown well into his veteran years. He is the current breed record holder, at least since the breed was conferred Championship status in 2007.
Barney’s swansong came just last year, in March 2016, where he won a strong Veteran class at Crufts. The oldest Glen being exhibited, he belied his age as he gave an exuberant final performance at a Championship Show!
KC name: Emeldir French Fry
Owned by: Bill & Eileen Slade 
Pet name: Sunny
With us: 09.02.03 – 21.05.17
Sunny, also known to Glen of Imaal Terrier magazine readers as The Suburban Glen and the Ex-Suburban Glen, (after we moved to the country in 2007), was our beautiful boy from the day we collected him from Marjorie Whinn-Sladden on 7th April 2003 as an 8-week-old puppy who was full of personality. We know that we went on to spoil him but that was worth the unconditional love and companionship he gave back to us in return. He was a regular helper at Discover Dogs at both Crufts and at Earls Court from the age of one until he was 13 years old. He travelled with us on many holidays; 20 trips to Germany, 4 trips to Brittany and Normandy as well as many holidays around the United Kingdom. He was loved by all our family.
“That sad Sunday you left us with our broken hearts. But they will mend in time and you, our beautiful boy, will live on in our memory forever.”
“Run free Sunny”
Bill and Eileen Slade

KC Name:  IR CH Abberann Eilish at  Kirikee CW’08
Owned by:  Ann & Noel Quinn
Pet Name:  Lisha
With us  4.10.05 – 11.04.17
Eulogy:   Lisha, our first blue Brindle Glen, came to us just before Christmas and sadly left us at Easter time eleven and a half years later.  Being the youngest of our family of four Glens, she knew her place and we didn’t hear her bark for the first two months. Lisha was known for her ‘Glen welcome’,  greeting her human friends made over the years with overwhelming excitement.  The best welcome of all was for her breeders as she never forgot her Irish home.  Lisha treasured her toy collection and liked to choose them herself much to the amusement of the stand holder!
Our lovely girl made us so proud in the show ring both in Ireland and at home.  From Top Glen Puppy UK in 2006, she went on to gain her Irish Champion title in 2007 aged 1 year and 10 months, so becoming our first champion.  Her Irish show career totalled eleven Green Stars, five with BOB and she remains to this day the only owner handled UK resident Irish Champion Glen of Imaal Terrier.  At home she achieved five RBIS at general, terrier and breed open shows. After her litter in 2010, she returned to the ring lacking her former enthusiasm and was retired with one CC and several RCC’s without her UK title, that honour later fell to her son CH Kirikee Ronan O’Gara (Connor).
First and fore most Lisha was a beloved family member and will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Our sincere thanks go to Ann and Nick White for entrusting us with their wonderful girl.


KC name: Kirikee Emer Allain
Owned by: Ann & Noel Quinn
Pet name: Emer
With us: 17.10.00 - 23.6.15

Our wonderful Emer had a remarkably long life with her Glen family despite her allergies to grasses, pollens etc. since reacting adversely to her puppy vaccinations. Never the show girl, she was however awarded GOITA BPIS under the late Brenda Jones in 2001. We will miss Emer's beautiful dark eyes and the clever way she ended up with everyone else's bones ! On summer evenings her favourite place was curled up on the bench under the verandah enjoying the warmth of the sun whilst watching over her garden. A sandy beach was a special treat when she would also enjoy a paddle in the sea especially on holidays in Ireland. In her old age she wore a smart jacket which made her feel special. Run free sweet girl, reunited at last with your devoted Mum, Orlagh.

Ann Quinn

KC Name - Brockland Brenna Anne 09.01.2000- 13.01.2014

OWNED BY :- Ruth Welch (Brockland)

PET NAME :- Brenna

EULOGY :- I will always remember Brenna as a very spirited Glen. Which I think made her a good show dog. Her first show was at WKC in 2000 when she was seven months old and she took Best Puppy in Breed. That year she was Top Puppy.

She had a very good show career being Top Glen for four years on the trot 2002-2005 inclusive. Winning her 22 BOB’s and 39 BB’s.
She won Best of Breed at Crufts three times- 2002, 2004, 2005.
She managed to get one C.C. and five Reserve C.C.’s from Veteran
Brenna was shown in Europe and Ireland winning eight CACIB/CAC’s making her an International and Belgian Champion.

In 2007 she was diagnosed with PRA- as it got worse she was shown less, she was retired from showing in 2010.
Brenna developed a tumour on her spleen in the latter part of 2013, which grew very quickly. She was very strong to the end.
I miss her very much.

KC Name - Kirikee Just Follow Seamus

OWNED BY :- Lynne Gordon Katey and Dylan.

PET NAME :- Seamus

It is with a really heavy heart that I have to tell you that our beloved Seamus passed over the Rainbow Bridge today 4th July 2013. He had cushings for 4 years and did really well on the medication, especially as his prognosis was around 2-3 years. He was our first Glen, a real sweetheart bred by Ann and Noel Quinn, he celebrated his 14th birthday in May and attended the GOITA Show in June as a spectator. He goes to join his litter sister Bridie who left us 4 years ago. Run free sweet boy, we love you.


KC Name - Abberann Tryone

OWNED BY :- Loved by Anne & Mel Hardy

PET NAME :- Tyrone

EULOGY :- Tyrone came to us not as a puppy but at 8months from Rosemary Whinn Sladden.
He was originally bred by Ann White and although we had his papers he was never changed into our name, but nevertheless he was OUR TYRONE.
He was full of character and a true gentleman albeit with one or two quirky habits.
We are fortunate that he is still with us in his children, several of which are doing very well in the ring.
They all have his magnificent head and character and it is a joy to see him alive in them
Tyrone 28th November 1999 – 25th July 2012. Always remembered never to be forgotten


KC Name - Romainville Ohio

OWNED BY :- Peter & Ann Bayliss

PET NAME :- Hattie

EULOGY :- It is with great sadness that we are writing to say we have lost our beloved Hattie.
Hattie came to us on May 2nd 2006-a gift from Kathy George- and passed away on the 24th July 2012.
She had been suffering from an enlarged heart for the last three months and was on a lot of medication.
She suffered bravely but in the end her heart failed and she died at home peacefully.
She was loved by everyone who knew her and we miss her.
Rest in peace Hats-You were a special girl.


More sad news from Alan and Frances Smith.

KC Name:- Donvaleset Supergrass

OWNED BY:- Alan and Frances Smith

PET NAME :- Murphy

EULOGY :- I'm so sorry I'm having to contact you with more sad news. It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that we have also lost our younger dog Murphy on the 12th June 2012. He was only 61/2 years old and we have had him since a puppy, he had been very quiet since his big pal Finn died in mid-April. He was operated on for a Fibro Sarcoma behind his eye but the tumour continued to spread and the saddest decision of all had to be made.

Murphy playing in the snow in Leicestershire


KC NAME:- Inchmarlo Milesius

OWNED BY :- Alan & Frances Smith


EULOGY :- With much sadness, we lost our older dog, Finn, on the 14th of April – just a couple of weeks ago Finn was one of Rosemary Whinn-Sladden's dogs - he was Inchmarlo Milesius, one of Fisty's pups.He was 13 and a half and we had had him since he was a puppy.
He had a good life and will be missed greatly
Finn enjoying himself on his favourite beach in North Norfolk
Alan & Frances Smith

KC NAME:- Glenbrows Orlagh at Kirikee

OWNED BY :- Ann & Noel Quinn

WITH US:- 15.5.1997 - 14.2.2012

EULOGY :- As a youngster Orlagh was our entertainer, chasing around the garden with her piece of blanket making a hole to see through. 2000 was 'her year' winning Best Bitch at the National Terrier Millennium Show and later rearing her litter of nine puppies (she had ten). What a wonderful mother she proved to be and in later years the matriarch of her Glen family.
No matter what life threw at her, including blindness and arthritis, she soldiered on with the true grit of a Glen. We will remember her each Valentine's Day, sweet Orlagh our 'talking' Glen who greeted everyone with a perfect 'Glen sit' until the end of her days.

KC NAME  :- Jeonty Mahluf Forever              

OWNED BY :- Nicki O'Hanlon

PET NAME :- Mahluf

WITH US    :- 10/04/96 - 25/08/08

EULOGY  :- He was my first glen, my first show dog and a wonderful companion who did me proud on  many occasions and also embarrassed me on many more too! Rest in Peace Mate -

Nicki O'Hanlon


KC NAME  :- Jeonty Gold Leader at Brockland      

OWNED BY :- Ruth & Joe Welch

PET NAME :-Dixie

WITH US    :- 10/04/96 - 01/09/08

EULOGY :- Dixie is now re-united with her brother, Mahluf, who went to the
Rainbow Bridge just a week before


KC NAME  :- Emeldir French Pleat            

 OWNED BY :- Anne & Mel Hardy

PET NAME :-Josephine

WITH US    :- 09/02/03 - 06/12/09177

EULOGY :- A real character suddenly gone- Anne Hardy


KC NAME   :- Kirikee Avonbeg Mischief Maker   

OWNED BY :- Noel & Ann Quinn

PET NAME   :-Brogan

WITH US      :- 21.06.95- 24.06.09

EULOGY  :-Our beloved companion for 14 years. Brogan did us proud in the show ring, 1997 being 'his year'.
Three Dog Green Star awards in Ireland, GOITA BIS under the late Eithne Cleary and BOB at SKC under the late Ian Sladden. Brogan's last award was RBD at Blackpool Ch. Show 2005 and he made his final appearance in the ring over in Ireland aged 11 yrs in 2006. Brogan was however first and foremost our beloved companion with many endearing habits. We will always remember him as a puppy playing tig with his sister Seonna and emptying the greenhouse of plant pots. Brogan welcomed you home by rolling over on his back and inviting you to tickle his tummy and who could resist! You are greatly missed our handsome, affectionate boy. Run free dear Brogan chasing sister Seonna once again!
Ann Quinn


KC NAME  :- Abberann Misconstru           

OWNED BY :- Anne & Mel Hardy

PET NAME :-Maggie - Mags

WITH US    :- 29/11/01 - 12/09/08

Diamonds are a girl's best friend .. Maggie was a diamond!! -
Anne Hardy


KC NAME :-Jeonty Tinker Boy Murphy at Brockland -

OWNED BY Ruth Welch

WITH US 1.10.1994--17.03.2010

EULOGY    :-Murphy was my first Glen bought from Jean(Jronty) for a companion for my young Westie Tess.March 1995 Jean sent me schedule for National Terrier saying why not enter.It would be my first attempt at showing.Murphy won the puppy class out of 11 then took BPB.That year he was Top Puppy in Breed .He had a very good show career being Top Dog twice 98&99. He was BIS twice at the GOITA Show in 98&2002 Twice Best Dog at Crufts 99&04, 04 From Veteran,National Terrier BOB in 2000. In all taking 18 BOB,s He retird from showing in 2006. At home he ruled the roost over all the other Glens. He was given sleep due to old age overtaking him on St Patricks Day 2010. I will miss him terribly